Jetstar FAIL! again

I just received this via the tipline.

I thought you’d like another live jetstar story.

My partner and his brother were off to Christchurch today for a funeral at midday which they are both pallbearers for.

Their flight was a 8.35am, arriving Christchurch 9.55am, leaving them a couple hours spare before the funeral.

Upon arriving at the airport Jetstar advised their flight was cancelled.

In the meantime they were a advised to wait in a queue to find out if they can get booked on another flight with Pacific Blue!

Apparently the queue is massive extending from the Jetstar check in right the way back to Whitcoulls.

I rang Jetstar to see what the situation is about a refund, but apparently refunds are only handled at the airport, and they have to wait in line to talk to staff…..which would obviously have meant missing the funeral.

They thought fuck that – so brother in law rebooked them on Air NZ at 8.30am. Cost $379 each = $758 extra cost one way to fucking Christchurch to go to a funeral.

The moral of the story. DON’T FUCKING BOOK JETSTAR.