Key makes major blunder

This is turning out to be a bad week for John Key. if I was him I’d be looking very closely at his advisors, they seem to be stuck on stupid.

Firstly he paints himself into a corner over the pro-tem president Peter Goodfellow, that will be a decision he will regret inside a week.

Today he has made the incredibly arrogant and silly decision not to back John Boscawen’s bill that was drawn today and instead said that National will oppose it.

FFS John you will now be painted as a Prime minister who ignores the more than a million voters who said the law sucks. The next poll may well see a backlash and support for Act rising.

For me that will be a good thing because if ACT can rise to a more useful number, say 10 or 11% then we can rid ourselves of wets like Nick Smith and prevaricators like Bill English and get some bloody action happening in the parliament to set New Zealand on the path to prosperity. As it stands now we seem to have got a bunch of panty-waists scared of even saying boo lest someone get upset.