Len Brown turns his back on Manukau

At midnight the other night Len Brown’s council funded campaigner Conor Roberts sent out multiple emails inviting people to an event .

Len Brown has an important announcement regarding the future of Auckland at 2pm this Sunday.

The thing is he is going to make this announcement on the slopes of One Tree Hill, in Auckland City.

He has turned his back on his support base in Manukau in order to try to score cheap political points in Auckland City. Not only that he didn’t even bother to invite his own councillors in the email.

One thing for sure that is now abundantly clear is that there is set to be a war on the left. Where does this imminent announcement of Len Brown’s candidature leave Mike Lee and Bob Harvey?

Is Labour falling in behind Len Brown? That would be a turn of events for Len who assiduously campaigned last time to avoid the Labour hack tag by running blue and green coloured signs. Len Brown needs to come clean about who he will be standing for. With a Labour lickspittle working in his office people have the right to ask.