Let's get sensible on same-sex couple adoptions

Labour, Greens support law change for same-sex couple adoptionsThe issue of gay and lesbian couples being given the same adoption rights as straight couples may be forced through a member’s bill in parliament [TVNZ News Politics]

I don’t have a problem with gays adopting. What I do have a problem with is parliament wasting their time on such a dopey bill. Quite simply there just aren’t enough adoptions to even be concerned whether some are to same-sex couples or not.

In 2008 there were just 77 adoptions, so there is simply fuck all point to all the fuss and bother. Why have a battle for the rights of a man (or woman) to adopt when there are no kids available for adoption?

The liberal elite gave Labour the arse for concentrating on stupid stuff like this rather than cutting taxes and fixing our economy. So the liberal elite should go back to sharpening up their pointy heads and telling each other how important they are while sucking the public teat, having their guilty pleasures like the symphony orchestra subsidised by hard working Nzers, and let National get on with fixing the economy.

If they don’t understand this they should remember November 8th 2008 when their hegemony over the every man (and woman) in NZ ended and we got back to doing sensible stuff instead of pandering to minorities.

So just liberalise the law and be done with it, it simply isn’t worth much more effort than that.