Mad Mayor at Mairangi Bay

The Clown of Campbells Bay is now also the Mad Mayor of Mairangi Bay as the Herald exposes his mental defying of the warnings about dogs and children on beaches affected by poisonings.

Andrew Williams is the Mad MayorWhile medical experts are working to clear up the problem, they admit they have no clear idea when the toxin problem could end. In the meantime, medical experts are advising people to keep dogs and children off the Hauraki Gulf beaches, advice that North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams has thumbed his nose at. He’s encouraging people to get back to the beaches with their dogs.

This guys is a dangerous moron. If only we had the power of recall, we could rid the North Shore of mental cases like Andrew Williams.

The fool is truly a clown. I just hope that most people on the North Shore have stopped listening to this idiot, otherwise there could be more dog deaths and heaven forbid a child dies.

If another dog dies or a child becomes sick this fool should be hounded from office immediately.