Mallard on Integration

Never let it be said that I don’t give kudos when kudos is warranted.

Trevor Mallard has posted on Red Alert a little post about his continued support for integration of private schools and why he opposes the PPTA in their drive to shut down integration.

The PPTA want to close the door on schools wanting to integrate.

I think that to legislate to do that would result in a rush while the legislation was processed.? I also think that it is wrong. Private schools are very cheap on the taxpayer, are needed as part of the network in some cities and in some cases are either innovative or fulfil specific cultural needs. Exterminating them or integrated schools might sound great rhetoric but it doesn?t make good policy sense.

Good on Trev for standing up to the teacher unions, he may get some stcik for that though with the Labour caucus made up of a whole lot of failed teachers…..including him. Though with posts like that he really is looking like real leadership potential in the face of Goff’s failings.