Minister: Gangs 'bloody evil bastards'

Judith Collins has got to be the toughest Police Minister we have had in two generations. the added bonus is that she is Corrections Minister too.

She is prepared to say exactly what people are thinking and stick to her guns.

Collins said she had assured police commissioner Howard Broad that his officers had her full support “when they have to make decisions in relation to gangs that may be unpalatable to the hand-wringing people”.

Good stuff from Crusher but she goes even further telling it exactly how it is with Gangs and who and what they are after.

“They are after our children. Then they destroy those people, their lives and their families. “They add nothing to our society other than misery. If people decide they are not going to accept them, they will eventually die out. But it will not happen unless people stop tolerating them.”

Gangs and methaamphetamine are a cancer on our society and they need to be cut out. Like all surgery it will be bloddy and painful but it needs to be done.