Not all Samoan MPs are Crooks

All Pacific MPs should not be tarred by the same brush

Just because “Big Dad” is going to go to Big House for corruption doesn’t mean that all Pacific MPs are corrupt. Phillip Field’s replacement has already had a scandal, and that doesn’t give much confidence in him, but hopefully he can learn from Phillip Field’s experience and realise WOBH is keeping a close eye on Mangere to ensure he is working for the people, not taking backhanders from them.

Maungakiekie’s two most recent MPs are both Samoan. Vui Mark Goshe, from Labour, retired at the last election to take care of his severely ill wife. Gosche used to be a union hack, and WOBH had occasion to settle a difference of opinion with him physically, mainly because Gosche was quite wrong in trying to prevent WOBH performing the job for employees Gosche was trying to muscle through union action. This does not mean Gosche is corrupt, just severely misguided and hopefully now he is retired he will have time to reflect on how he wasted his years in parliament and left the country in a mess. But let me state again, WOBH does not think he is corrupt, and if he were the tip line would have rung hot well before now.

Mangaukiekie’s new MP, Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga is an old school mate of WOBH, and even back at school he was regarded to one of the most decent, honest guys around. I don’t really get this Peseta, because back then he was Sam, smart, friendly and a good rugby player. Now he is in Parliament, and from what WOBH can gather he has some exceptionally strict written rules about accepting donations from any constituents.

This is a good strategy because as soon as those on the left obviously won’t do the sensible thing, apologise and appoint some very smart and uncorruptable lawyer like Steve Franks to an independent corruption commission to root out corruption. Instead they are likely to look around and see the first convenient island face in the National Party and start smearing.