Notice to Meddling Lawyers

OK I have had it with meddling lawyers ringing up and wanting to jaw on in order to be able to charge their clients, in this case Peter Goodfellow, for harrassing me.

It is unacceptable to ring me at 11pm and you haven’t got anything useful to say. This blogger doesn’t take kindly to threats and as a result of your attempts to silence me and cover up a story.

i won’t be silenced despite your threats. Accordingly if you want to communicate with me you may only do so via the tipline fax so that i may post your threats for all to see.

Oh and don’t threaten me and not follow through with it. Where did you learn law? At Waikato University under Margaret Wilson.

I can guarantee you one thing if you continue to threaten me, you WILL become the story and so will YOUR client, thus defeating the whole rationale behind the threat in the first place.

Anyway if you were any good you wouldnn’t be a flea in a flea lawyers firm would you? No you have a real job at a real firm.