Off with his head

Political figure in Family CourtAn Auckland woman has taken a high profile political figure to the Family Court seeking a protection order under the Domestic Violence Act. [Stuff Politics]

This item has been swirling around for the last couple of days and has now reached the mainstream media. It is now just a matter of time before the identity of the parties is widely known. The people involved are known to me and I have heard from at least 10 sources the goings on here. There are suppression orders in place to prevent the naming of the individuals.

As Richard Worth proved there is no innocent until proven guilty in politics. It doesnt matter who it is ( I know who it is and the comments will be patrolled to avoid breaching supression orders), it wouldnt matter if it was a lezzo bashing her missus, it is wrong, and it is untenable for anyone in public life to hold their position in the face of such accusations.

They must resign from their position and if my information is correct it is a [WO: deleted as per request by meddling lawyer threatening me] [WO: deleted once again as per request by meddling lawyer threatening me]  then doubly so. I cannot and will not tolerate such alleged behaviour in my party and I will call it out when ever I find it.

I well recall a similar occurence in the past (late nineties) when a senior office holder was similarly in trouble and he was asked to go immediately from the party both his positions and his membership in total and he did.

The same thing needs to happen here and it needs to happen before lunchtime tomorrow.