Paedo-telcos caught lying

The paedo-telcos, more concerned with fiddling kids wallets have been caught telling pork-pies.

Drop the Rate Mate“Telecom and Vodafone know that everywhere MTRs have been cut, retail prices have fallen, usage has increased and service has improved,” Mr Hooton said. Page 2 of 3

“In the UK, for example, Vodafone’s lobbyists in 2002 bleated that, if MTRs were cut, marginal subscribers would leave, total call volumes would fall, prepaid handset prices would rise and up to 15 million customers would be forced to leave the market.

“In fact, the opposite happened: prices have fallen, mobile penetration has soared, total call volumes have leapt, and handset prices have never been lower. And Vodafone knows it.

“Vodafone’s corporate lobbyists in New Zealand are just peddling lines from the same global playbook it uses everywhere its market share is threatened.”

Mr Hooton said Vodafone also appeared to have resorted to purchasing paid space on Google in an effort to distort search enquiries for Drop the Rate.

Just as laughable, Mr Hooton said, was Vodafone’s claim that the Commerce Commission believed retail prices would increase by $180 million over five years if MTRs were reduced.

Vodafone appears to be lying through their grinning teeth. Telecom aren’t much better.

“Telecom now seems to be saying that it needs to rip off mobile consumers in order to fund more investment in the industry,” he said. “Good luck to Telecom arguing that a cosy duopoly leads to more investment in services and coverage than a more competitive environment. If that were true, New Zealand would already have the finest telecommunications services in the world, and we don’t. In fact, the only time Telecom and Vodafone seem to invest in better coverage and better services is when there is the prospect of competition.”

Time they were called out for their inherent dishonesty. Drop the Rate, Mate.