Plughead crying like a baby

Clayton Cosgrove is getting his punch ‘n’ grow all in a tangle.

Prime Minister John Key says if allegations against ACT MP David Garrett are true, Parliament should take a hard line in disciplining him.

The firebrand MP is in hot water again after claims that he challenged a Labour MP to “take this outside” during heated exchanges in a select committee.

Mr Key said he had no briefings on the claim and did not want to prejudge the outcome.

If reports were true “then that would be a very unparliamentary conduct, but let’s see. Sometimes fiction doesn’t necessarily turn into fact”.

My sources tell me that it is Cosgrove who was acting the bully with verbal taunts all through the select committee meeting to Garrett, effectively baiting him. The word is that Garret actually told Cosgrove that “this isn’t the place for this”, rather than what labour has reported.

Rodney Hide has got the answer for these Labour sooks who continually get their collective asses handed to them bu Crusher Collins in the house.

ACT leader Rodney Hide said he was not aware of the complaint, but dismissed the claims. “When the Labour Party says things, my experience is they’re not true.”

Yeah, Rodney, things like saying they would account for the pledge card and then not, stealing $840,000 from the taxpayer and then retrospectively legislating the illegality away. Then there is Helen Clark saying that Phillip Filed  “was guilty of nothing more than being helpful to someone”.

I think Rodney Hide is on firm ground there for sure. Plughead needs to stop whining like a poof and HTFU. It must be hard though getting beaten by a girl in the house everytime you try to ask a question.