PM's adviser recommends P precursor drug ban

PM’s adviser recommends P precursor drug banOver-the-counter sales of cold tablets that use pseudoephedrine will be banned if the Government takes up a recommendation by Prime Minister John Key’s chief science adviser. Mr Key confirmed yesterday that Professor Sir Peter… [NZ Herald Politics]

Peter Gluckman is an idiot. Not for his Climate Change silliness but because he has failed to understand the menthamphetamine problem.

If he thinks stopping the sale of OTC pseudoephedrine is going to halt the ‘P’ trade he is sadly and woefully mistaken and add in deluded.

He is being poorly advised. Only small time cooks use pseudo tabs to cook meth these days. The big players are direct importing the necessary precursor chemicals by the container load.

When I say container load that is exactly what I mean. Methamphetamine is big business, almost bigger than Telecom. Stopping a few pills from being sold across the counter isn’t going to stop that. The sums of money involved mean that the gangs can buy officials, judges even MPs. You may think I am paranoid but let me tell I am far from that.

If the government wants to do something about stopping methamphetamine then it needs to get really serious and stop consulting with the plonkers at Police HQ or wolly headed “science” advisers and start getting in real experts in controlling money laundering, drugs, customs and corruption because we aren’t far away from this country going down the gurgler awash with meth.