Politico abused wife and can't have the house – Judge

It looks like tonight the spin a high profile politiican has put about in his case is in tatters after the Judge released her decision. WOBH has obtained the decision of the judge through our anonymous tipline.

In a comprehensive decision which is still under suppression orders regarding the identity of the parties the judge finds that a clear case of domestic violence in the form of psychological abuse did occur.

Domestic Violence

The judge though has not granted a protection order because she says that since the couple are no longer either living together or in close proximity the situation has stabilised. Of course you could also conclude that if either were the case then a protection order would have been granted. The judge was very specific that domestic violence also covers psychological abuse, as does Women’s Refuge on their website.

Psychological abuse

In the other matter regarding the Occupation Order the judge has made it clear that the ex-wife is to maintain possession of the property, largely due to the psychological abuse until such time as the matrimonial property issues can be resolved.

So on both counts that the man was trying to spin he has lost out. The judge has found that he did in fact commit acts of domestic violence against the woman and as a result he can’t have his house back just yet as there is also some dispute over the actual ownership.

It is time for the politician to face up to the material facts of the case and to consider his future involvement in politics.