Poll Disaster continues for Labour

The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll  continues Labour’s dismal showing in any poll you care to mention and continues the trend of rogue poll after rogue poll for Labour.

Party Support

* National 56.0% (-1.0%)
* Labour 31.0% (nc)
* Green 7.0% (nc)
* ACT 1.0% (-0.5%)
* Maori 3.1% (+0.9%)
* United Future not reported yet
* Progressive not reported yet
* NZ First 1.6%

Preferred PM

John Key 51%

Phil Goff 7%

The Poll also reveals for the first time just an inkling of Phil Goff’s strategy for the coming 12 months. My understanding is that his plan is two fold.

1. Shake off Helen Clark who is breathing down his neck challenging for the leadership on 3%

2. His slogan is going to be 9% for 09.