Random Rude Questions that should be answered

I have decided to dispense with the word impertinent and instead use a rather mnore precise word, “rude”.

So in keeping with that here are today’s Random Rude Questions.

  1. Why on earth would anyone travel to China via Bangkok with a side trip to Pattaya?
  2. What is so interesting in Dubai that necessitates stopover there too?
  3. I bet no-one in the press gallery has the balls to ask Keisha Two-Fathers if she thinks Team America is right and if she is fulfilling the Jeanette Garofalo role?
  4. Does she think that her warped world view shouldn’t be challenged?
  5. Why is the best place to find the member for Rimutaka on a Friday night propping up a bar in Wellington Central?
  6. Which MP objects strongly to being called cougar?
  7. Which senior Labour MPs have been availing themselves of the travel perks for family holidays in Europe?