Reason #5786 – Why this country is broke

Straight in off the tipline.


I thought you might like to make a bit of noise about something that has amazed and angered me.

As you may know I work in the motor trade, yesterday a vehicle arrived into our workshop on the back of a recovery truck (cost of towage is $90+ GST)

The cars water pump is stuffed, we also suspect that there are many more repairs needed to make it ready to go back on the road, to repair the water pump without even looking at the other things needed is going to cost $814.22, these repairs will take two days as the part has to come from Auckland.

The woman who owns the car is also from Auckland, she was “forced” to stay in a motel/hotel here in Xxxxxxx last night because nobody from her family could come and pick her up.

When we told her what it will cost to repair the water pump and informed her that we suspect there are further repairs needed she was not concerned at all, she told us that she would pop down down and sort it out immediately, naturally I thought she was going to the bank to get the money and then going to find accommodation for the next two days.

She arrived back here within the hour brandishing a voucher from WINZ for the full amount of the repairs, she was also in possesion of another voucher for two nights accomodation at one of the nicer local motels.

Our workshop manager contaced WINZ and told them that there are more than likley more repairs needed on the vehilce and was told that when we found out what the repairs were we only had to tell them (WINZ) and they would “sort it out”

Why are hard working tax paying Kiwi’s forking out for the repairs to this vehilce and why the fuck is Paula Bennett letting this happen?

Need I say more!