Rudman mocks lefty losers

Brian Rudman, the cloth cap wearing token commie at the NZ Herald has a column mocking his fellow lefty mates and in particular Jane Kelsey.

Poor old Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey seems to be going through that very grieving process right now. Her fellow campaigner Green MP Sue Bradford got a large wodge of material back. Green MP Keith Locke hit the jackpot with his request, receiving records of his nefarious leftwing activities dating back to when he was 11 years old. And much fun he had with it at the time, releasing it with much feigned shock and horror to the media.

But Dr Kelsey has got back only three miserable pages. A flyer promoting a public meeting at Auckland University about human rights in the Philippines in 1986, and a summary of a speech she made on the same topic two years later. And these miserable pickings were released only after she demanded a review by the privacy commissioner of her original nil return.

Luckily for her street credibility, the Sunday Star-Times reports that the SIS has said there is more on the Kelsey file, but they’re refusing to release it because to do so would be likely to prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand, or the international relations of the Government.

How embarrassing, after seeking your file you find out you only warrant three pages. Bwahahaha.