Smith: Revealing travel costs would stress MPs' partners

Smith: Revealing travel costs would stress MPs' partnersRevealing how much MPs are costing taxpayers for their subsidised private international travel would put too much stress on their spouses and marriages, says Speaker Lockwood Smith.

“I will hold that line very, very forcefully,”… [NZ Herald Politics]

I’m sorry Lockwood but you have got this one wrong.

If you can show me a sensible private business that pays for airfares of spouses then I may listen to you but I bet you can’t even find one.

It is simply an untenable position to maintain that taxpayers should spend money on flying parliamentary spouses around.

Hell I know IT sales reps that spend more time away from home than MPs and they sure as hell don’t get free airfares for their spouses.The troughing must end, particularly as we are now in a recession.