Some helpful hints for Lockwood Smith

Speaker will revisit MPs’ travel perksSpeaker Lockwood Smith is considering reinstating a freeze that would have stopped generous retirement perk travel discounts of several MPs from building up to the maximum level of 90 per cent. Dr Smith sought advice on the matter… [NZ Herald Politics]

So Lockwood Smith has said that now he has been advised of the background to the issue he had been unable to find any solid principle behind the decision to overturn it.

Right here are three suggestions for principles for Lockie to consider solid enough to over turn the travel perks backdating:

1. No-one likes politicians at the best of times and ex-MPs even less, and they should stop troughing.
2. It would reinforce lockies reputation as a great speaker and a man in touch with the real New Zealand
3. The solid principle of common sense.

Feel free to make more suggestions in the comments.