Stop being a great big poof

Carter: Fuss on costs ‘because I’m gay’Labour MP Chris Carter believes he has received more attention over his travel costs and spousal travel because he is gay, implying the news media have a prurient interest in him. “Why was there no interest in any other minister… [NZ Herald Politics]

Chris Carter reckons the media is picking on him because he is a big pooftah.

Uhhhhhmmm nope Chris, actually it is because you spent the most of any MP other than your leader and then you opened your big fat mouth and cried like a baby trying to justify it.

The simple facts are Peter doesn’t trust you because you constantly feel the need to taste fresh cock. Consquently he acts like a big queen and insists you trundle him round like a trophy wife.

You still need to explain why you took the unusual route to China via Bangkok….are these two things related?

Oh and why did you run around Labour’s office the other day trying to find out who of your colleagues are trying to knife you?