Tau labels Hide "useful"

Ok, probably not quite like that but my usual retort to being called a cunt is to say that cunts are useful.

You won’t see any faux outrage on this blog about someone being called a cunt, and even more outrage because that person who called Rodney Hide a cunt was also an MP.

Tau Henare ives in West Auckland, cunt would be common vernacular out that way so I just don’t see a problem. I doubt Ridney sees a problem with it either.

There are worse things to be called than a cunt, like pinko, or socialist, even lickspittle, but to get all huffy over cunt sees just a bit over the top.

Good on Tau for speaking his mind, something that has been sadly lacking in NZ politics for some time. in fact Tau now stands a chance of tipping out Chris Carter with language like that. He could put up signs that say something like “get rid of the the useless cunt, vote for a good cunt”