TenderWatch – More wasted cash

Whaleoil will be providing you with more exposure and sunlight to wasteful spending by Government departments.

TenerWatch - WasteToday’s waste is actually three tenders, unfortunately they havve now expired so presumably some trougher will have been awarded them.

Presumably Maori, Asian and Pacific Islanders are a special kind of loser because the Ministry of Health wants to conduct three studies into the effects of gambling on them and their families. Don’t they want to know about the effects of gambling on us whiteys? Are we a better class of loser for gambling?

Well I can save the government thousands if not millions by answering the questions right here and right now.

The effects are thus;

  1. Their money goes to the Casino and other gambling entities shareholders in vast quantities.
  2. They remain poor
  3. Children go without as a consequence of remaining poor
  4. They all blame the Government for allowing gambling and expect handouts so they can gamble some more.

Somone needs to tell these organisations that the government changed on 8 Nove 2008 and that they should treat all Kiwis the same.