The Board

Ok so The Whale is 5-0 on the board selections and the MSM is 0-5. They all predicted Wira Gardiner would get on the board and they were all wrong.

They also missed the announcement so intent they were of rogering Bill English. They had to get the results from a blogger.

So Whaleoil predicted the board positions and got it 100% right. Michelle Boag’s campaign and strategy making abilities are in tatters after he ill-founded plan to elect Wira Gardiner to the board and then the presidency was spiked by an enthusiastic blogger as is her husband’s reputation after a drunken accosting of the Whale on Friday night in full view of several witnesses.

I actually feel sorry for Wira Gardiner as he may have made a good board member, unfortunately he fell under the spell of boag and poisoned his chances by declaring he wanted to run for president. Ironically the scuttlebut around the conference as delegates placed any number below 5 beside Wira Gardiner was that he had a chance if only he had renounced his presidency aspirations. Strangely his strategy team told him to hold the fast.

The board will now elect the President and the MSm has picked Peter Goodfellow to succeed outgoing president Judy Kirk. I pick that yet again the MSM will get it wrong. I fail to see how anyone who was elected as chair of the Auckland PR Committee and who held not a single meeting in an entire year nor issued a single communication is even remotely qualified to be the president. He may be good at raising money but that again doesn’t mean he can chair a team to organise and motivate the the party.

My pick is that the presidency is now between Alistair Bell and Scott Simpson and that Gisborne board member Pat Seymour is the kinmaker. Roger Bridge over-played his hand on friday night and has suffered a backlash and is unlikely to even garner two votes out of the nine.