The "Carter Defence" used again

With all the furore about gay rights etc over the years I would have thought pooftahs had learned to harden up. But Chris Carter used the “It’s because I’m gay” defence in order to support his attack on critics against his excessive troughing.

Not is seems whenever a homo gets in a spot of bother he attacks his critics with what has now become known as the “Carter Defence”.

A Waikato principal convicted on fraud charges has complained to the Human Rights Commission, claiming the school’s board harassed him for being gay.

Huntly West Primary principal Barry Bloomfield, 56, pleaded guilty in Hamilton District Court in May to fraud and theft.

He admitted obtaining $17,000 for a relief teacher who did not exist and selling the school’s pool fence on Trade Me for $4600.

He was to be sentenced last month but disputed some of the facts. These would be the subject of an October 22 hearing. Bloomfield, who was sacked, has complained to the Human Rights Commission, saying he was victimised for being gay.

Board chairman Bob Tukiri said Bloomfield claimed he was called a “poofter” and had to lock himself in his office because he was scared. Mr Turiki denied the claims, saying he had not known Bloomfield was gay while they worked together and he was now trying to make the school look bad.

Oh diddums.