The curious case of Len Brown's hypocrisy

So Len Brown has announced to a packed, well ok there were 100 people there, including? erstwhile Mayor Dick Hubbard and wannabe mayor Bruce Hucker. What is strange is that Bruce Hucker and Hubbard never saw eye to eye on anything.

Len’s big announcement has gone down with a cup of cold sick with other lefties like Matt McCarten. You see Manukau City went to the Royal Commission opposed to Maori seats (2.27Mb pdf) on the council, now all of a sudden Len Brown, whose own council doesn’t have Maori seats, has done a flip flop. Strangley he seems to think that advoccating and campaigning for separatist race based seats is somehow inclusive.

How can Len Brown claim to unite when he proposes to divide the city by race?

In Manukau City’s submission tot he Royal Commission they went out of their way to suggest to the Commission that Manukau’s method of engagement with Maori was superior to other cities and encouraged them to look at that model. All of a sudden Len Brown wants to do a flip flop. He can’t have it both ways. He either supports the creation of race based seats or he supports his council’s previous positions of Agreements that “recognise the Mana Whenua groups as Treaty Partners and the guardianship role they hold in Manukau. Other councils in the region have differing arrangements. The R oyal Commission is encouraged to examine these arrangements and consider whether there is a model such as described above which would apply to the Greater A uckland Council and local councils.”

Cries from the left of a lack of a referendum should be ignored. When Helen Clark set up the Royal Commission it was set up as a fait accompli, the people have had their say in submissions, and now the Super City will happen. We must however be mindful that Len Brown is Labour’s chosen candidate, he has Labour staffers working in his office and he is still a Labour Party member, there is no hioding his left-wing credentials no matter how he tries to spin it.