The Goodfellow Circus rolls on

For the third week running the president of the National Party is in the Sunday papers and as is usual for the past three weeks for all the wrong reasons.

Peter GoodfellowThe Sunday News has run an article about the “love triangle” involving the president and two women. Apart from some of the facts being completely wrong (like the photo caption of Scott and his girlfriend at the time), the article highlights the distraction that Peter Goodfellow has become.

He is now hardly looking “bland” and “a safe pair of hands”. In fact he is fast becoming the Ned Flanders of New Zealand politics.

Annoying and a constant distraction.

The President is supposed to be running the party not cowering behind lawyers and refusing to speak to anyone.

If you think I am overreacting, just ask yourself how many bad news articles were there about Judy Kirk? The answer was none. She just got on and did the job. If only Peter Goodfellow would start to do his. Some 4 weeks into the position he still hasn’t rung any regional chairs, instead getting his spin doctor to issue the pressure and the orders.

Time for the Board to grow a spine and rid themselves of the distraction and put in a real party loyalist who has done real time in the trenches not swanned around the cocktail circuit pretending to be effective at something though no-one is quite sure what that was.