The underlying racism of Labour

Some goose called John Langdon from the Labour Party dropped this pearler the other day:

“Auckland has never had an elected Maori councillor. Pakeha, apparently, just wont vote for a Maori.”

Well that’s very interesting. So what was John Rangihou Awatere doing on the council during the 1960s for a number of terms?

There have been a number of Maori councillors in Auckland City over the years. But what of right now?

What pray tell is Toa Greening and Jami-lee Ross doing on the Manukau City Council at the moment?

And pray tell, what is Denise Roche doing on the Auckland City council now?

And this goose has the temerity to then say that Iran is a country that respects Jews because they have a guaranteed seat on some council?