The Whale Report

This will become a regular post, The Whale report, a round up of stuff that came to my attention that I want my readers to be aware of.

NBR comments on the Goodfellow debacle and refuses ever so kindly to name the spinster responsible for his appalling PR. I of course have no such qualms and can confirm that it is Helene Ambler. So his situation is so bad that not even Glenda Hughes will touch it. Oh and for the record I’m not that “Whale”.

My good friend Bridget Saunders has started a new website. Some nice shots of pussies on the first page. you can follow her on Twitter too.

Transtasman gets into Lord Burns;

Christchurch Central MP Brendan Burns is attracting flak from sporting and racing clubs (not to mention talkback radio where he has been criticised as “misguided,” “over-ambitious” and “backed by an overzealous lobby group”) as they lose funding from trusts distributing profits from pokies. They see Burns motives as politicking and the grassroots backlash indicates his plan may have misfired……

Lord Burns should return to the manor and contemplate why the lumpenprolitariat remain so lumpen.

Nick Smith must be doing something right. The UN are having a go at him, that means he must be on to something. Why the elected government of a country should listen to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats has got me fucked.