Time for an Independent Commission Against Corruption

David Farrar outlines a damning litany of lies and obfuscations by Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and the Labour Party in their role in defending Taito Philip Field from the charges he has now been found guilty of.

Let’s look at the defence of Philip Field.

Russell Fairbrother – “There is no evidence to doubt what Mr Field says. The overall conclusion is that we have a member of Parliament who works very hard and very diligently, and who cooperated fully with the inquiry”.

Dr Michael Cullen – “Phillip Field handles more immigration cases than probably the whole of the National caucus put together. Why? Because he works hard—unlike that lazy, shallow member [John Key] —on behalf of his constituents.”

Dr Michael Cullen  –the fundamental fault Mr Field committed was to work too hard on behalf of the many, many hundreds of people who come to his electorate office on immigration matters.”

Dr Michael Cullen –He works harder on those matters than I suspect the entire National Party caucus does on constituency cases. If that is what he is guilty of, then I am sure he is happy to plead guilty to working hard on behalf of his constituents.

Helen Clark  –  “The Government has not been embarrassed by the Taito Phillip Field controversy”.

Helen Clark –the only thing of which Taito Philip Field is guilty is being helpful

That defence of a corrupt politician damns them as well, they should have been in the dock with him. It is high time for the formation of anb Independent Commission Against Corruption.