Tinkerbloggers, Bwahahahhaha

Danyl McLauchlan is perhaps the only honourable leftie blogger. I enjoy his blog daiiy. Today though is a ripper. He labels the lap-bloggers at The Standard as “tinkerbloggers”. It is a moniker I think that will stick. His definition of a tinkerblogger;

Tinkerblogger. Noun. (Plural Tinkerbloggers)

1. An author of a blog or ‘web log’ who believes that by writing about something with great frequency or conviction they will cause it to be true.

He outlines why The Standard are tinkerbloggers;

I was thinking about the boys at No Minister, who were confidently predicting Obama’s downfall right up to election day but it also suits The Standard (who spent last election predicting a Labour landslide, interspersed with posts defending poor honest Winston Peters and explanations of why the polls were all wrong (they didn’t include cell-phones)).

I think he is a littl unfair on the folk at No Minister, those posts about Obama were 100% from one socially retarded idiot who has since gotten the punt from there. He is however right on the money about the tinkerbloggers at The Standard.

My view is that when Goff is rating some forty-something points behind Key in the polls the real crisis lies with Labour and the bulk of left-wing criticism needs to be sent in that direction – especially when Labour’s solution to their problems is some half-witted re-branding exercise with pictures of Goff riding around on horseback and a bus trip to Whanganui.

Dead right DiM, right on the money. Oh and your views most certainly are read widely so keep up the good work.