Told ya so

I warned them, I told them not to threaten and cajol and I told them to stop trying to cover things up. I said those things not for Peter Goodfellow’s benefit but for the benefit of the party. But they didn’t listen and so now they cop it from the media they have tried to threaten.

Here is Emmerson’s cartoon, a cartoon that might never have been drawn if the fool had resigned.

Now give up the pretense and FRO before you do anymore damage, oh and to all the weasels ringing Dad, don’t bother, ring me instead and I’ll tell you myself to take a running jump. Start thinking about the perception because in politics it is all about perception.

Bill English was at least smart enough to realise that he had perception issues. I suggest you have all have a quiet word to the fool Goodfellow and give him the lesson of perception that he has spectacularly failed to grasp instead of trying to cajol me into a silence that will never come.