What does Phil Goff know about Neelam Choudary?

Phil Goff and Neelam ChoudaryTonight in the item about Labour’s parlous poll ratings there was a nugget of gold staring us all in the face. I doubt the plonkers at TV3 even knew what they had.

Near the end and just before the performance ratings of the two main leaders there is some footage with Phil Goff and a “strikingly beautiful” Indian woman escorting him to a market.

That woman is Neelam Choudary,  the honey trap, immigration fraudster who was pimped out by Phil Goff to entrap Richard Worth ultimately costing him his job.

Phil Goff has never come clean after his multiple different stories about exactly how, what, where and when he first met Neelam Choudary.

One thing is for certain this shy, yet “strikingly beautiful” woman doesn’t seem to be hiding her light under any bushel.

What exactly did Phil Goff orchestrate in working with this woman and why has no-one in the media followed him up?