Winston says NO, but does he mean NO?

Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of Herne Bay gave an interview on Q+A this morning where he said he wouldn’t be standing for the mayoralty of the Super City.

WINSTON???? Well I’ve never said I would, I’ve never been interviewed by any journalist, notwithstanding all the rumours and humbug.

PAUL? Alright, I’m sitting here and I’m asking you.

WINSTON???? The answer is N O.? Do you want me to put a sign up?? I’ve never ever said I would, I have no intention of do that, and I don?t know why a journalist should feel licensed to go and print that nonsense.

PAUL? So no you will not be standing for the Mayor of Auckland Super City?

WINSTON???? For the second time, and the last time ? NO.

Of course we have all seen Winston and his silly signs before and we all know what his NO means.

I think with out fear of Gotcha! new legal advisors stamping all over me I can call Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of Herne Bay a mendacious, lying, short-arse failure.