You want vindictiveness, I'll give you vindictiveness

Nats acted with sheer vindictiveness – ClarkEight months on from Labour’s election loss, former prime minister Helen Clark has no regrets and she rejects suggestions that Labour alienated voters by pushing through measures such as the child discipline bill. [Stuff Politics]

Helen Clark is beyond the pale. After leading the most corrupt government of New Zealand’s history, so far with one MP convicted of corruption and bribery, she has the sheer audacity to call National vindictive.

The culture of fear that she generated in new Zealand has gone and is in some way the reason behind National’s stellar poll ratings.

The fact that she still doesn’t think that she did anything wrong shows just how out of touch she was at the end, just like Muldoon.

If she thinks National were vindictive in giving Michael Cullen a job and helping her buy her way into hers then she ain’t seen nothing yet. National should get real vindicitive and set up the Independent Commission Against Corruption and lay charges against her and Cullen and sack Cullen from his board position.

Now that would be vindictive. But it isn’t anything more than what her government did. They purged anyone from board positions with even a hint of National party membership with the sole exception of Jim Bolger.

God, I am so glad we tossed her sorry lot out. Unfortunately Labour under pro tem leader Phil Goff still thinks it was all a horrible mistake and that the electorate will wake up an vote them back in. They are so wrong it isn’t funny, well….errr…actually it is funny, to watch.