Zombie Tizards on the prowl

Those Tizards are still hanging around Auckland local government like hair on a old dogs blanket.

Rumours are now doing the rounds that Judith and the old Matriarch Catherine will be at Len Brown’s Mayoral launch this Sunday (you will have seen the page 7, ?four paragraph article in the Herald), and that a deal has been struck where in return for Empress Catherine’s endorsement, Judith gets to join the team and gets a tilt at whatever seat emerges from the Grey Lynn-Pt Chevalier area.

We here at Gotcha! fulsomely support and welcome the Tizard support for Len Brown, and also hope that Dick Hubbard and Andrew Williams offer their endorsements to Len Brown too, so lazy, incompetent and drunk Aucklanders all know who to vote for.

Remember – vote Brown – get Tizard!