Adolf Questions the Vested Interests of DML

In the PR managed orchestrated faux outrage we are starting to see that bloggers are coming to the fore rather than the repeaters at the mainstream media who seem to simply be recycling Matthew Hooton’s press releases.

If Matthew wanted to really get some mileage he would have been better to pay Cactus and Adolf and myself to have? sit down with the fool running DML and tell him what’s what in the real world.

His taudry little charade of outrage is unravelling faster than nana’s sweater. We now have fake complaints orchestrated by employees of DML.

Adolf asks some very pertinent questions and knowing Adolf as I do I just bet there are some documents that are going to pop out of the woodwork.

Tony Ryall would do well to read those questions and start rattling some cages. A quick check of doctor shareholdings wouldn’t go amiss either. There are a whole lot of vested interests and Hoooton paid the wrong blogger and didn’t pay the right ones.

Now we will see who the PR maestro’s really are.