Another by-election in Mt Albert?

Will the Labour Leadership Contender show his integrity?

David Shearer campaigned for a $3 billion dollar tunnel under Mt Albert. He relentlessly exploited the understandable fears of the community.

His spin team of John Pagani and Conor Roberts directed him as he promised the people of Mt Albert that a vote for him was a vote for the $3 billion dollar tunnel.

He was able to say that destroying 100 homes was okay. Although today he said 200 was too many….

He was able to march “Tunnel or Nothing” with the people whose homes he kept telling would be destroyed or fatally damaged by the motorway construction.

Today we learnt the bulldozers will roll in 2011 -? Shearer won’t be able to stop them.

A real man of integrity, a man tipped as a future Leader of Labour would admit his failure. His mandate is no more….

No doubt his spin weasel Conor Roberts has already concocted a watertight excuse in between spinning new rap lines for Len Brown. But Mt Albert can see through the excuses and spin. He made promises that he could never deliver.

More likely he knew from the absentee MP for Mt Roskill that these motorways are popular once built. People in Mt Roskill, where they recently had their motorway extention opened, enjoy that they don’t have half the city sneaking down their suburban streets for a run at the airport. Maybe Shearer’s position was a cynical spinners political calculation, to shore up Phil Goff’s leadership.

But let’s give the guy a chance, maybe things are delayed a bit….. there better be an extra billion in the Labour Party Alternative Budget in 2011. Otherwise he should get on that shiny new motorway and get the next plane back to Baghdad or Amman or wherever he parachuted in from.