Another Maori Baby Dead

Sue Bradford resigns, Maori are still wailing about a ‘h’ and seats on a council and still Maori are killing their children. Another Maori baby has died, I think that is two a week they are running at right now. I would almost lay a bet that the latest death is also Silly First Name Syndrome related.

The family of the Morrinsville toddler who died in hospital on Saturday night were known to Child Youth and Family.

“Although we have had no involvement with the toddler, her wider family is known to Child, Youth and Family,” said general manager Lorraine Williams.

“My condolences are with those who loved and cared for her. We will continue to work alongside the police as they complete their investigations.”

Residents near the Studholme St house in the Waikato town say they were told the toddler had brain damage when paramedics arrived on Saturday afternoon.

Police said she had serious injuries and said her death was suspicious. However, they remained cautious about labelling it a homicide.

Spokesman Andrew McAlley said there were still a number of medical tests that had to be carried out. The cause of death had not been confirmed.

Whanau still had to be contacted before the name would be released and that might not be for days.

The CYF spokeswoman makes me sick to the stomach. She offers condolences to those who loved and cared for her. Does anyone spot the major flaw in her thought processes. loved and cared for children do not die from “serious injuries” or in “suspiscious” circumstances” nor do they suffer “brain damage” miraculously before paramedics arrive.

Michael Laws was right when he wrote to those silly school children. We should start taking Maori lobby groups seriously when Maori stop killing their kids.