Another own goal from Plughead

Clayton Cosgrove must wake up every morning and think to himself how can he make a headline and not get something wrong.

Yesterday he tried again by beating up a non-story about some sort of secret agenda of Police Minister Judith Collins selling off Police Stations and Police Houses.

I even heard the fool talking to Larry Williams about his local constable pulling up his y-fronts and rushing out to save some hapless citizen in his home town. Yes he did actually use the word y-fronts, he also used jammies. The man is a blithering idiot and even more so when face to face with perhaps the most popular Police Minister since John Banks.

Contrary to Labour’s and Cosgrove’s lunatic ravings, it was actually Labour that planned on closing Police stations up and down the country, meanwhile National has opened 5 new stations and a sixth will open in just a few days.

Labour has a poor history with regard to the operations of the Police. One hapless Minister (George Hawkins) at the time even suggested that Police recruits pay for their own training.

Labour cannot be trusted and in fact should be ignored when it comes to issues of law and order. They presided over the growth of organised crime, they presided over the growth of the meth trade and despite numerous warnings at the time they ignored almost every recommendation put before them on hos to control gangs.