Another stake in the heart of Len Brown's Mayoral Campaign

Just unreal. So much for the Mayor for All Auckland. Most of Auckland would be revulsion at? Sue Bradford in charge of a major portfolio or even the deputy mayoralty. So Len Brown is claiming he is independent and could work with anyone yet when push comes to shove he is openly backing the most divisive left wing politician in the country, looks like a setup to me.

Len Brown has effectively endorsed Sue Bradford to stand for a super city position?.

Len Brown says he would relish the opportunity to work alongside Sue Bradford on the Auckland Super City Council.

The Manukau mayor has thrown his hat into the ring to lead the new local body, and says the Green MP would make a great councillor.

Mr Brown says he enjoys Ms Bradford’s company and thinks she is a great leader. He says while people have mixed views about the anti-smacking campaigner, she is totally genuine.

Mr Brown says Ms Bradford has a continuing role to play in politics, and is young and active enough to do so. Len Brown says he was sad when he learnt Sue Bradford was standing down from Parliament.

This will drive a stake right through the already wobbly heart of Len Brown’s campaign for the Mayoralty of a Super City his own council and he opposed.