Australia seeing sense on Fiji

It looks like Australia may be seeing some sense over Fiji. The Fiji Times reports that;

AUSTRALIA is ready to help Fiji in its electoral process, the country’s foreign affairs minister, Stephen Smith said.

He made the comment in the wake of the country’s full suspension from the 53-nation bloc that make up the Commonwealth Group. Fiji’s suspension means it will be excluded from all Commonwealth meetings neither would it be eligible for most Commonwealth technical assistance, except for that directed to helping it return to democracy.

“Despite the increasing international pressure on the Government, Australia will continue to offer support to the people of Fiji including the continuation of our development assistance program,” Mr Smith said.

“As the government has already made plain, Australia stands ready to provide support to a credible dialogue process and I welcome the planned visit by a Commonwealth delegation to Fiji later this month.

“Australia also remains ready to provide support to the electoral process in Fiji if Commodore Bainimarama finally heeds the call of the Commonwealth and the Forum and his own citizens and commits to a credible election process,” Mr Smith said

Now if that support of the electoral proccess is assisting with a full census and putting in place robust election systems and removing race based seats and the power of the Gret Council of Chiefs we may just be getting somewhere.