Blue Sky Mining

The ?emotional hysteria? over the possible investigation of mining in our conservation estate showed that some Kiwis really need to see a bit more of the world.

Top of the list is an unlikely candidate ? Tim Cossar from the Tourism Industry Association.

He wants us to stay a pretty little holiday camp for the super-rich where the best job is cleaning the dunny in the morning.? Everything must remain ?100% Pure? including the crap stuck to the side of the aforesaid dunny.

In the ?Lucky Country?, they have learnt the true meaning of 100% pure – Uranium.

And where does the best uranium come from?

Which is located in the middle of Kakadu National Park, one of Australia?s four World Heritage listed parks.

The park is actually co-managed by the local aboriginals and the local park service. There used to be a protest camp there, greenies attacking the mining, as they like to do. They got asked to leave by the aboriginals, because the mining was improving their health. Having been there for 40,000 years, they had worked out that hanging around in radioactive rock made you crook.

They filmed ?Crocodile Dundee? there, which did for the tourism industry what ?Lord of the Rings? did for ours.

For those not prone to hysteria, there is an example of great conservation, indigenous rights, using film to support tourism ? and a bloody profitable mine.

The mine covers 500 hectares, the National park 1,980,400 hectares. A tiny pocket. 2.52% to be exact.

If people like Tim Cossar could lose their hysteria, maybe more of us could afford to be the tourists.