Bomber Apologises – Gotcha!

Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury” has apologised to Cactus Kate and to myself for us calling him out over his blog posts for cash.

I wish to explain myself and apologize for something which on reflection was stupid and opened me up to the exact criticisms Cactus Kate and Whaleoil were able to level at me. You are both right, if either of you had pulled a stunt like this I?d be all over you, you were right to criticize my behavior. I wish to take this chance to apologize officially and explain my at times fuddled response, the backlash caught me by surprise because it was never my intent to misrepresent my opinion and I was taken aback by the righteous indignation.

Now before you get all angry on Bomber remember this is a guy from the left who actually marched down Queen Street against the Electoral Finance Act. I admire him for that and I admire him for publishing his apology……….but…

Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury

Like Cactus there is a but, Bomber has admitted in his apology, which to be honest when he emailed me to tell be about it I thought would be a faux-apology, that some of his blog posts are designed to provoke reaction;

I love blogging, I love the cut and thrust. Half the time I’m playing devil’s advocate to stir, the other half I believe everything I write.

I too love blogging, but EVERYTHING I write I believe in, so when I write that I’d rather be water-boarded than have electrodes applied to my testicles as a form of torture I REALLY mean it. When I write that it is better to torture a few terrorists and combatants who had the mis-fortune to get caught in order to get information that allows us to KILL their mates then I REALLY mean it. When I post about Israel I REALLY mean it.

The problem I now have with Bomber is when he posts on something I don’t know if he really believes it or is just “playing devil’s advocate. Not that I think the apology is a “devil’s advocate” post, I think he really REALLY means that but I think you can see my point.

Given what we now know about Bombers blogging style, is it really now appropriate for him to have the label of? “most opinionated man in New Zealand“? Does that mantle now pass to me?

What I do know is that this is a certifiable Gotcha! and so Bomber, I accept your apology, Welcome to the new Gotcha! gallery and let’s get on and get blogging in what we REALLY believe.