Bomber sells out to Big Corporates

The angry idiot of Tumeke, Bomber Bradbury? has been caught out, panties down in the back of a sheep. A corporate sheep no less.

The fools at DML who just will not give up give up the hope that they can win a contract that wasn’t awarded to them, that they challenged in court, that threw out their challenge that they appealed and lost that too.

Now DML have hired Exceltium which is run by Mattew Hooton. Now I can’t fault Hooton for that, he is a corporate whore who will take money from anyone and good on him for doing that at least he is honest about it, But……

Hooton hired Bomber Bradbury to be the silly filmers trying to get angry customers on video to prove that DML should have had the contract all along as the new boys were hopeless.

Not only that Bomber has also whored himself on Tumeke posting a story about the whole debacle a whole year after it was done and dusted. In the pay of corporate spin doctors and shown to be a class A hypocrite in nationwide television.

Any credibility that Bomber ever had of being a socialist warrior for the brothers on the shop floor is destroyed in 5 minutes.