Brown Mayors – Proving Garth George wrong again

This is actually getting ridiculously easy to do. Proving Garth George is an idiot.

Meng Foon, Mayor of Gisborne District Council has a good white anglo saxon protestant name. Clearly Meng Foon is obviously doted on by the good burghers of Gisborne, where the population is suspected to be only about half white.

Derek Fox, Mayor of Wairoa, known as the classy bloke that ran simultaneous households without the women finding out, is very Maori, in fact he really is brown, I know I had dinner and drinks with him in Gisborne during the election. Winning Wairoa is no cinch for a Maori, National candidates have won it in the last two elections, but Derek has a reputation for being pretty competent, so maybe the whiteys didn?t notice he was slightly brown and had a life time history of working for Maori causes.

The communists in Dunedin do not seem to favour of Remuera WASPs either. The bloke in the poor quality imitation superman cloak is Peter Chin, and before him was the well knowning cricketing WAG Sukhi Turner.

Interesting to note that the communist citizens of Dunedin decided to kick out a bloke who definitely had a good WASP name Richard Walls, trading up to the first green mayor in the country, who also happened to be an immigrant with a light brown face.

I wonder if Garth would like to retract his tosh.