Chity Vhision's shameless pandering to Maori

Typical. Give the left a pathetic non-issue involving the shameless pandering of ethnic minorities, and they’ll warmly embrace it.

Chity Vhision, the loony left brigade on Auckland’s council have now asked for Wanganui Ave in plutey Herne Bay to be renamed with an “H”, following the daft decision of the Geographical Board to stick an “H” in the town of Wanganui’s name.

But here’s the ticklish bit – isn’t it interesting that Chity Vhision’s Roger Kilmister will wait to change the name until Len Brown is hopefully the Mayor of the new Auckland.

Firstly – Kilmister will be waiting forever for this, and secondly, I don’t think its helpful for Len Brown’s to be painted as the shameless panderer of all things Maori. That kiss from Chity Vhision is likely to be a kiss of death, and I doubt Chity Vhision will win many votes from this either..

John Banks sensibly suggested polling the local residents of Wanganui Ave to see what they think. I wonder if this occurred to Chity Vhision?

What next for renaming? ?Remu-Wera is the technically correct historical spelling for the old bastion of Remuera. Will Chity Vhision be consistent and want Len Brown to change that name too?