Come clean Trevor

Well respected WOBH commenter Trevor Mallard and heir presumptive to Labour’s leadership is known for his ability to tell the truth. According to the Herald Trev seems to have had a revelation. Seeing the light he describes Mr 20.93% as ?Philip Field II?

But Labour hardman Trevor Mallard chipped at Mr English throughout question time yesterday calling him a “money launderer”, and “Phillip Field II” and calling on him to resign.

This begs the question what was Trev saying when Taito was ?only guilty of being helpful to his constituents? according to Helen Clark?

There is a huge difference in troughing according to the rules? and employing slave labour to complete works on your houses and bribery and corruption. Trev needs to come clean on his his silence over Philip Field. Or did he really accuse the Minister of Finance in the house under parliamentary privilege of being a like a convicted corrupt Labour politician, because if he did he may well find himself before the privileges committee in short order.

If Labour now wants private trusts investigated then they better start opening up all their ones too. Then we will see a whole lot of interesting.