Did the Mad Mayor take his dog for a walk this morning?

I recieved the following missive from the North Shore City Council this morning;

9.20 AM
30 September 2009

The North Shore City Council is?passing on advice from the Ministry of Civil Defence advising North Shore residents to keep off the beaches for the next hour.

Although the Ministry of Civil Defence is not predicting a major event in New Zealand, sensible precautions should be taken in the light of this morning?s tsunami alert.

According to information received by the Ministry, a tsunami of 1.5m?was generated in Samoa as a result of?a?8.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Samoa.

Waves can be expected to be smaller in New Zealand, estimated at 1m at the East Coast and Bay of Plenty.

Wave heights outside of these regions will be advised as soon as possible, but?it is unlikely that territorial authorities?will need to expect a wave of any height greater than 1m.

The Ministry advises that areas of concern in New Zealand are Northland, the Coromandel, the Bay of Plenty and the East Coast north of Gisborne.? The threat is in particular to people in small boats and on the beaches.

I was waiting for the follow up email from the Clown of Campbells Bay, the Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams advising us all to ignore official warnings and that just so long as you took your dog on a leash and wore a lifejacket that it was perfectly alright walking the Northern beaches and that he intended to do just that despite all the advice to the contrary.