DML and their Doctor allies caught red-handed

Adolf has a post of an email that has been leaked to him, and I assume it is due to his technical inabilities he hasn’t posted the pdf of the CityMed email.

What Adolf has also missed, and that is probably because he doesn’t know the exact setup of DML, whereas I do for reasons that will remain confidential to me but that DML will by now be well aware of, I know exactly how they were set up.

DML doesn’t have “Labs” anywhere other than at Ellerslie for non-hospital diagnostic tests. EVERY test pulled from patients in the area covered the three DHB’s goes to Ellerslie, a facility that DML was bizarrely expanding at great cost just one year before the contract was pulled. For CityMed to claim that they had a “Lab” at their premises, complete with the required qualified pathologists necessary to make a diagnosis is at best a simple mis-representation and at worst a down-right lie.

This copy of the email is a smoking gun that is going off in DML’s face. There are plenty more documents to come, inlcuding the notice handed to patients at some Doctors clinics telling exactly and precisely how to complain.

Make no mistake here folks. There is a PR campaign being waged and a dirty war being run by a bunch of sore losers. My information tells me that Labtests have not failed even one milestone or measure as stipulated by the DHB’s at the awarding of the contract.

To give you a plain example of screwed the previous system was here is an image of my immediate neighbourhood. There was a DML blood letting room in one of the Doctor’s surgery, it isn’t there now. However just 199.7m down the road was an official DML blood letting room do EXACTLY the same thing. Our DHB was paying for two rooms less than 200m apart. DML was rorting the system and the Doctors, some not all, were participating in the rort. DML incidentally is still paying rent on that blood letting room in the mistaken belief that this contract will miraculously be over-turned.

There are many, many vested interests in the medical industry and what you are seeing is those vested and now out of pocket interest squealing like the pigs they are.